The Netherlands Is All Set To Pay Workers $0.22 Per Km Using Pedal-Power

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The Netherlands Is All Set To Pay Workers $0.22 Per Km Using Pedal-Power

The Netherlands proudly calls itself the “unrivalled number one bicycling country” across the globe as the country has more bicycles as compared to the total number of people and these cycles make up almost half of all trip between dwelling and the work place in the nation’s capital alone.

In spite of having separate cycling paths, the nation also presents an extra motivation of tax recognitions for Dutch citizens to get on motorbikes. Riding bicycle could obtain a Dutch USD 0.22 instantly into his income and it’s tax-free.

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The Netherlands is currently the only country offering monetary incentives to individuals making use of cycles to reach work and not making use of fossil fuel.

With around 17 million people and 23 million bicycles, the Netherlands already has added bikes as against people.

The Dutch management had also announced that it will make an investment of around $390 million (€345 million) in cycling infrastructure to get 200,000 extra people travelling by motorbike in the coming time.

Dutch deputy infrastructure minister Stientje van Veldhoven, stated, “My ambition is to ensure that people can easily get to work or school, or visit family and friends.”

Nederland, Den Haag, 18-09-2018.
Foto Wiebe Kiestra
Staatssecretaris Stientje van Veldhoven van I en W komt op de fiets aan bij het ministerie. Ze wil zo veel mogelijk forensen uit de auto en op de fiets.

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Veldhoven declared that novel steps to shift even more people from four wheels to two.

“I want to stimulate cycling with the aim of getting 200,000 extra people out of their cars to cycle three billion kilometres more on their bicycles,” she stated in a press release.

One ground-breaking initiative is to pay off staff for cycling to work, with Van Veldhoven planning a compensation of 19 cents ($0.22) per kilometre cycled from dwelling and back.

Van Veldhoven is to talk about the offer and other methods of endorsing bicycle utilization via fiscal like subsidies to purchase bicycles “with major national employers and small and medium enterprises,” her bureau stated in a statement.

“Bicycles play an important role when it comes to reachability, quality of life and health,” Van Veldhoven said.

“It reduces traffic jams and gives people forced to use cars more space,” she said.

Published by Sujatha Reddy on 04 Mar 2019

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