The Most Expensive Paan Kohinoor Cost Rs. 5000 In Aurangabad Especially Made For Married Couples

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The Most Expensive Paan Kohinoor Cost Rs. 5000 In Aurangabad Especially Made For Married Couples

Paan is widely loved by Indians which is eaten after having dinner or lunch. Some people even eat Paan on daily basis. Moreover, in special programs in our country, guests are welcomed by Paan. Even in rural areas, the Baratis are welcomed by feeding them Paan. In short, Paan is one of the oldest and most liked things in our country.

Perhaps this is the reason why people like to eat a variety of Paan which is available at most of the Paan shops. Paan is a preparation combining betel leaf with areca nut widely consumed throughout Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and South Asia.

Usually, there are chocolate paan, ice paan or fire pane and the prices of these will be 10 or 20 rupees or 100 rupees. Today, we are going to tell about the most expensive Paan across the world which will leave you shocked and surprised.

Yes! Actually, we are talking about the Kohinoor Pan being sold at Tara Pan Center in Aurangabad. The price of this Paan is 5000 rupees. You may not believe us but this is true. This is specially made for Pan Couple. It is said that by eating this Paan, love blossoms in your marital life. It is also said that the effect of this pan remains two days.

It comes in colorful packets and different types. It is made in different ways for both men and women. A kind of fluid, AGAR and Musk are used to make Paan for males. Their fragrance is very great. These liquids are found in West Bengal. If we talk about the cost of these, then they are worth millions of rupees in fortresses.

These are liquid fragrances, which are widely found in West Bengal. Not only people of this country but people from countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Dubai also like to eat. If you ever go to Aurangabad, you must eat this paan.

Published by Soniya Kaur on 22 Feb 2019

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