Parsi Kids Collected 15,000 Vessels And Utensils For Charity In Just 3 Hours

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Parsi Kids Collected 15,000 Vessels And Utensils For Charity In Just 3 Hours

A group of energized youngsters from wealthy Parsi family units ran a non-literal “marathon” to help their less blessed friends Sunday. The little ones who are 5-15 years old gathered 14,758 kitchen vessels in just three hours and disseminated them to tribal and impoverished households.

These kids are partnered with an NGO named Extremely Young Zoroastrians and most live in Parsi Baugs.

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They compared the activity to a long distance race in three hours which is the time they used for gathering utensils. Additionally, the marathon traverses 42 km which is likewise the separation, the drive equalled from Colaba to Thane.

From 9.30am to 12.30pm Sunday, the splendid peered toward children went way to entryway in Parsi Baugs crosswise over Colaba, Grant Road, Andheri and Bandra, gathering unbroken pots, pans, cookers, bowls, dishes, plates, spoons, cups, ladles and glasses everything except glass utensils and knives. A while later, the kids stuffed them into gunny sacks and dispersion started. Gatherings of givers gave them out in tribal padas of Aarey, fishermen’s colony of Machhimar Nagar, Colaba, and to NGOs like WWH and Goonj.

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XYZ originator Hoshaang Gotla says the activity emerged from the desire to offer back to society. “Past generations of Parsi philanthropists have contributed so much, and a few like the Tatas and Godrejs still continue to do so. Our desire was to encourage the common Parsi to give. We ourselves carry out community programmes all year. But we do one big annual drive like this which makes children realise that they can make a difference without even spending money,” Hoshaang said.

This is their fifth year. “In the first year we assembled a Blessings Bag. I asked the kids to fill a bag with any item they were not using, like a toy, game or shoes. We got 1,500 bags between 300 children. The following year we collected 12,000 pairs of shoes. Children outgrow shoes very fast,” he said.

Stone carver Arzan Khambatta will form a model out of the unusable vessels and sale it. The returns will be utilized to purchase new utensils for those families that were forgotten Sunday.

Published by Soniya Kaur on 26 Feb 2019

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