Netizens Are Going Crazy Over US President’s Video Of Dancing On Ranveer Singh’s Song Malhari

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Netizens Are Going Crazy Over US President’s Video Of Dancing On Ranveer Singh’s Song Malhari

The web is regularly loaded up with peculiar, jubilant stuff. Be it auto-tuned recordings of serenading cats or Photoshopped memes, it never comes up short on things to engage. What’s more, presently, another video comes up on social media starring social media’s beloved world leader Donald Trump foot-tapping to the Bollywood film Bajirao Mastani’s popular Hindi song is leaving the netizens laughing out loud. This might be the best funny video made on Trump and we are sure you’ll die laughing watching this amazing work.

In the photoshopped video, Donald Trump’s face has been replaced with Ranveer Singh’s face in the song called ‘Malhari’. The altered video includes Trump’s grinning face even as he as the Peshwa moves and makes joyful all through the tune.

A Twitter user named ‘Mad-Liberals’ has shared this funny photoshopped video which went viral on social media with more than 353,000 views. While numerous individuals did not comprehend the reference or had even thought about Bajirao Peshwa or Ranveer Singh, the video did not neglect to leave an imprint. Trump and Ranveer’s fans have a good time laughing at this new video.

We have to say that the talented video editor who had done such a clan job of Photoshopping the President’s face on the Peshwa Bajirao body wearing traditional attire, a period Marathi costume.

Meanwhile, take a look at the reaction by Twitterati’s:

Talking about the movie, Bajiirao Mastani is a 2015 period-film directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali which also features Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, and Priyanka Chopra. This film is one of the best period drama by SLB after which he also directed Padmaavat that crossed 300 crore mark at the box office.

Published by Soniya Kaur on 26 Feb 2019

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