Music festival in Italian-Alps kicks-off by using icy musical instruments, Even Bands perform in Igloo

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Music festival in Italian-Alps kicks-off by using icy musical instruments, Even Bands perform in Igloo

Italian-alps is all covered with snow. And interestingly one Italian band, Bastard sons of Dioniso have opened the Ice Music festival in Italy’s Val di Sole ski resort. The American-resident Tim Linhart is running ice orchestra from past 16 years.

The festival is made up of a series of concerts that are played at an altitude of 2600 meters. The musicians use instruments made of ice that are made by American artist Tim Linhart. These music shows are played in a 200-seat ice theatre, which creates a magical atmosphere with unique lighting and acoustics.

When Tim arrived in America for the first time, he started making artistic pieces by using ice at the Ski Resort. Then he came up with a thought that he can use this ice to make an artistic violin. When the violin was made by using the ice, it sounded good when it was played. But the sound of that violin was low, o to increase the voice he started fixing the wires tightly. But this didn’t work out, and the use violin was broken.

Tim further said that this whole happening didn’t make him broke his hope. He was now more curious to make his unique musical instrument. And at last, he got to succeed and started making different types of instruments.

The members of the band have made them perfect in playing this type of violin at such a freezing temperature. The music instrument that includes violin, viola, drum set, xylophone, and mandolin are made according to the requirements of the musicians.

One mandolin takes five to six days to get in shape whereas there are instruments that take months for finishing.

According to Tim, these icy musical instruments makes a lot of sounds. And these instruments can be made and used anytime. However, these instruments start melting whenever the temperature starts increasing which makes it difficult to use them at that time, whereas these can work for a long time in cold places like an igloo.

After the show, these instrumental are dug in the igloo. Every year in the winter season, musician are gathered in alps and start preparing themselves for the musical festival.

Published by Isha Kataria on 05 Feb 2019

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