Housewife who turned into a leading entrepreneur on Flipkart manages to earn 8 lakh monthly

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Housewife who turned into a leading entrepreneur on Flipkart manages to earn 8 lakh monthly

Ritu, the online seller on Flipkart has become a top entrepreneur whose monthly earning is much more than many government employees annual income. We all use Flipkart daily and millions of products are ordered online. Among all the products, the 31 years old Ritu sells handbags and from 2016, she started her self-designed collection of bags under her brand Ritupal Collections on Flipkart market place.

Ritu says after her marriage, her husband was her support and encouragement who is a government employee by profession, he provided encouragement and the opportunity to study again. The idea of selling the products online came into her mind when she saw the craze of online shopping in her surrounding.


She said, “I learned how to use a computer with my husband’s help and practised on it when my children were at school.”

“Flipkart has offered me the guidance and support I needed, right from advice on how to make the most of selling online to promoting products on the platform. Flipkart even offered me a loan, but as I wanted to be financially responsible, I decided to use my savings instead,” Ritu says.

Her Ritupal collection features bags which falls in the range of Rs 200-1500 which is gaining more popularity among the customers in South India. Initially, she had started with an earning of 1 lakh per month which gradually increased to 7 to 8 lakh per month.


“While my income is an achievement for someone like me, I am aiming for my monthly sales to increase to Rs 20 lakh,” she added further.

She is truly an inspiration to many women, “Many of my neighbours and relatives told me that there was no need for me to earn, as I am, after all, a woman. But my aim is that people across India should recognize me by name,” she added further.

Published by Shifa Naz on 16 Feb 2019

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