A Guy Made Zomato’s Customer Care To Swear On Mother And We Can’t Stop Laughing At It

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A Guy Made Zomato’s Customer Care To Swear On Mother And We Can’t Stop Laughing At It

We all have our share of problems when we use any brands or channel and want it to get a fix while talking to their customer care. We even nag them until they resolve our problem which can be frustrating many times if the issue is not resolved within one try.

While some of our problems get fixed easily, for other big issues we have to call the customer care service who do not even bother for our problem created by their own company. Well, we all know, calling customer care is the most irritating thing one can find with the constant back and forth between automated voices, listening to some awful piano music for an hour before you give up and disconnect the call.

However, this guy’s experience is totally different from most of us or we can say he got lucky when he contacted Zomato’s customer care. Let’s take a look at his conversation with the Zomato guy:

image source

Here’s the English version for those who don’t under above one-

Zomato: You’ll have to place a new order, sir.

OP: What about the money I paid?

Zomato: It will be refunded to you in 4-5 business days.

OP: What if it doesn’t happen?

Zomato: It will sir, don’t worry.

OP: Mother promise?

Zomato: Mother promise.

OP: Thanks. I received it.

Earlier,  Zomato’s executives and their conversations have gone viral in the year 2016 which was shared Pankaj Chaddah, the co-founder of Zomato, where the screenshots of a conversation a Zomato user had with an executive and it was hella hilarious!

Take a look at the old tweet:

Stay tuned for such funny updates!

Published by Soniya Kaur on 13 Feb 2019

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