8 Buddhist monk habits that will improve your lifestyle

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8 Buddhist monk habits that will improve your lifestyle

Buddism is one of the best religions that promote peace all the time.  It is practised by many people to lead a happy and tension free life.  If you want to stay focused and cool at any given circumstance then you must follow the Buddhist monk habits that though appear hard, will definitely change your life.  Have you ever wondered why Buddhist monks appear so peaceful and calm all the time?  These are the habits they follow every day to stay as they are.

We are going to introduce you to the 8 Buddhist monk habits that will help change your life for the better.

Habit 1: Don’t fall after material comforts

Material comforts can never ever bring us happiness.  One should never fall after material possessions as they can never earn us peace and a healthy lifestyle. According to Buddhism, one has to adopt a simple lifestyle with mandatory things in hand to lead a healthy life with great peace of mind.

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Habit 2: Live a selfless life

Buddism followers live a life not for themselves but for the service of others.  Even the meditation they perform is not for themselves, but for the entire world.  With that kind of attitude, one can achieve great fulfilment in life.

Habit 3: Meditation

The first and foremost thing that Buddhist monks do is meditate.  They meditate for hours and hours every day.  It helps them stay calm and composed all the time.

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Habit 4: Learn from elders

Buddhists follow the words of elders a lot.  They believe that elders are more wise in every way and so follow their footsteps.  Elders are full of life lessons and one can get to learn a lot from them.

Habit 5: Listen before you react

Humans are judgemental by nature. Buddhists believe in communicating well to others without evaluating or judging them.  We have to simply listen to what the other person is saying with the presence of mind.

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Habit 6: Accept Change

Nothing is permanent except change.  One has to know that change is something that happens consistently in life and accept the truth.

Habit 7: Live in present

One shouldn’t drift their focus onto past or future.  The best way to enjoy the life to the fullest is to stay in the present.

Habit 8: Focus only on one thing

In order to achieve what you want you need to put your complete focus on it.  Pay complete attention to what you are doing in the present rather than shifting your focus and getting distracted.

Published by Sujatha Reddy on 02 Feb 2019

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