Rupayan Roy who underwent a heart-transplant, ran in marathon leaving us inspired

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Rupayan Roy who underwent a heart-transplant, ran in marathon leaving us inspired

Rupayan Roy, the man who had gone through heart transplant surgery in the year 2016 is all well now and even ready for Mumbai Marathon. In 2016, Rupayan, who is professionally an LIC HR Manager had the reality of nightmares as he was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy, it’s a condition where heart’s size gradually increases with the inefficient pumping of blood but his successful surgery turned all odds in a positive manner.


This year in 2019, he is all ready to participate in his first Tata Mumbai Marathon on 20th of January in 21km half Marathon The new healthy heart is ready for his fourth run of over 20 km in few years. He has been a sportsman throughout his life and this might be an extra helpful thing in his health recovery over a few years in the past.

He had gone to the Doctors and was advised for a heart transplant in Chennai. Dr. K R Balakrishnan from Chennai was the man whose positive attitude towards Rupayan was the major reason that gave him courage for the heart transplant.


After his surgery, he started running and now he is now curious for the Mumbai Marathon. “I have never run in Mumbai and this will be my first big marathon.”

Rupayan had the heart transplant from a man who met with an accident, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the family and the man from whom he got this new life, “I feel like meeting his family, telling them their son’s heart is fine, running marathons, finding happiness.”


Rupayan said, “If a person has a healthy organ and he donates it after his/her death, he just helps another human being live some more years peacefully,” he says.

Dr. Nandkishore Kapadia, the Mumbai based surgeon said they only need to be careful of the starting year, “In the West, it is not uncommon for heart transplant patients to go on treks, mountaineering or ultra-marathons. It only shows how people’s lives change for the better after a heart transplant. They can be as active as they want to be.”

Published by Shifa Naz on 12 Jan 2019

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