Priya Punia’s Father Made A Pitch For Her To Practice Off Her Dream To Indian Women Cricket Team

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Priya Punia’s Father Made A Pitch For Her To Practice Off Her Dream To Indian Women Cricket Team

Now, the Indian Women’s Cricket Team has valiant batsman, Priya Punia in the team. In December 2018, 22 years old Priya Punia hailing from Churu, Rajasthan went to the Indian women’s T-20 squad touring New Zealand.

But her journey is not as simple as one thinks. It’s Priya and her father’s hard work and struggles that result in her selection in the Indian Cricket Team of women. Her father, Surendra sold his property, took a loan and purchase a 1.5-bigha plot of land which is worth Rs 22 lakh in the suburbs of Jaipur, where he helped Priya fulfill her dreams of playing for India and she practiced her dream.

He took the decision to prepare a pitch for his daughter after he was transferred from Delhi to Jaipur as an employee of this Survey of India in 2016.

Priya then tries to take admission at a cricket academy in Jaipur but the coach mocked her for being a girl and dreams of making a career in sports. She got hurt by such comment and disrespect and choose not to enroll in the academy. This incident happened during a time when Priya was at the peak of breaking into the Indian women’s team. In fact, a year earlier, after a string of good performances for Delhi, North Zone and a practice match against a visiting New Zealand side, she expected an India call-up.

According to the Times of India, to let her daughter pursue what she wants, Surendra first approached a groundsman to set up a pitch, but he demanded Rs 1 lakh. So, he decided to set up the pitch himself and today spends Rs 15,000 monthly for its upkeep.

Speaking to the Times of India, Surendra said, “The issue was decided by Priya herself. When I informed her about the offer, she said if I got her into the Indian Women’s Cricket Team through the back door, she would opt out”.

Notwithstanding, the 22-year-old’s battles weren’t just restricted to practice facilities or selection. On touching base in Jaipur, she was struck by jaundice and just three months after the fact, she endured a broken thumb. At the point when her confidence started to waiver, Surendra ventured up as both guide and mentor.

Obviously, Priya’s diligent work and Surendra’s confidence in her dream has at long last satisfied.

Published by Soniya Kaur on 03 Jan 2019

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