McDonald’s new app gives you the choice suggest a new menu to them, don’t miss to vote

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McDonald’s new app gives you the choice suggest a new menu to them, don’t miss to vote

India is famous for its diversity and the kind of food it exhibits, with great sort of variety in taste. Indian chefs are delivering quality food through their dynamic recipes. And seems like Mcdonald’s is ready to present its new seasoning in the meals it provides. So folks are you ready to grab the yummy taste of spices in a variety of meal by McDonald’s.

McDonald’s has started a new race of entering into the menu list, with three of it’s most popular menu stuff including the new Green Chilli Naan, the chatpata Salsa Bean burger and McSpicy Paneer. And with all new voting system, we can check out the amazing offers in their new official app making it popular among the people.

1. All new masaledar Green Chilli Naan with Piri Piri spices and habanero sauce.


2. The chatapate salsa bean burger offering with a variety of sauce: salsa Verde and Sriracha mixed with cheese.

3. The new spicy McSpicy Paneer that has been spicier this time with extra pepper and red chilies.


Among the three, the spicy McSpicy Burger is at the top with  5977 likes, the masaledar Green Chilli Naan is second in the voting list with 3467 likes while Chatpata salsa burger at the third position with 1240 likes.

The idea is taken by Netflix’s “Choose your own adventure” movie ‘Bandersnatch’ And voting for your favorite meal to register it on the menu list has engaged the eaters of all type and it’s really getting funnier to see which among the three will be on your McDonald’s menu list.


With this idea of the voting system, McDonald’s has provided a chance to combine the taste of your choice in with their menu list, so do not waste your vote, instead, take a thoughtful decision of your tongue and taste.

Wait for the result to be announced soon.

Published by Shifa Naz on 25 Jan 2019

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