Fun Facts About The Food That We Almost Eat Everyday

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Fun Facts About The Food That We Almost Eat Everyday

George Bernard Shaw couldn’t have said it better when he stated, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food”. Be it a basic home-cooked supper toward the finish of a difficult day or a much merited ‘supper of divine beings,’ lower the spirit as nourishment does. Each flavor, each zest adds to the harmony movement that makes your most loved dish much like your most loved music. On that take note of, we should fork our way through these sustenance certainties that will abandon you slobbering:

1. Dhansak, a Parsi dish is a unique combination of ‘dhan’ meaning grains or legumes and ‘sak’, a Gujarati word meaning cooked vegetables.

2. Pani Puri goes back to Mahabharata. Kunti gave her daughter in law a little bit of flour and a few potatoes that were sufficient to feed only one of her spouses. Yet, Draupadi, a keen one herself, made puris with the flour that she had and filled these with spices mixed water.

3. The word ‘paratha’ is an amalgamation of ‘parat and ‘atta,’ which actually means layers of cooked dough.

4. What’s so uncommon about the Amritsari kulcha you inquire? Strikingly, to make an Amritsari kulcha, after the flour is plied, it is laid in seven layers and afterward, a bit of this layered mixture is taken and loaded down with pretty much any stuffing of your decision. It is then moved up and cooked inside an oven.

5. Till the mid-1800s, Indians thought tomatoes were harmful.

6. What do you think the word ‘chaat’ signifies? As indicated by many, a chaat is whatever has curd, chutney and tart, salty flavors. However, ‘chaat’ originates from the word ‘chutney,’ which, thus, originates from the word ‘chaatna’ signifying ‘to lick.

We will be back with a few more interesting facts related to food!

Published by Soniya Kaur on 19 Jan 2019

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