Delhi winter is forcing people to do petty crimes so they can spend nights in Tihar Jail

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Delhi winter is forcing people to do petty crimes so they can spend nights in Tihar Jail

In India, Tihar Jail in Delhi is said to be the safest, secure and one of the most populated prison block. The most horrendous criminals are being placed in Tihar Jail.

Well, if you are thinking nobody wants to live there who don’t have a criminal record then my friend, you are wrong. Because there are many people in this country who would love to spend months there. And the reason will make you feel bad, really bad as those who don’t have any roof to sleep under want to go to jail so that they would sleep cozy and comfortably. However, without any criminal record, it is not possible so they are committing petty crimes that led them to jail.


When last the officials of Tihar Jail did a count on Monday, the block was more than full and have nearly 16,000 prisoners when it has a capacity for only 10,027. The number went on to increase with those more with a minor offense such as carrying knives and petty theft.

It is estimated from the previous year’s precedents that there may be around 50 such convicts who took the purposely took the risk to steal or to get involved in any other petty crime just because they wanted to get caught and spend their winters inside jail’s comfort.

“We have learned from our interaction with some prisoners that they courted arrested to spend the winter months here,” a jail officer, who did not wish to be named told Hindustan Times.


Well, from last 10 days, the temperature in the capital went down below 6 degree Celsius. The lowest temperature was recorded at 2.6 degree Celsius last week.

“There is no fixed number. Maybe about 40-50 during the three winter months of December, January and February. Most of them are those who sleep on the roads or shelter homes. About five years ago, the number would be more but with homeless shelters and the government providing free blankets, we believe the numbers are less.”

“The number may not be not huge but there are such prisoners… Some of the facilities in prison are much better than outside,” he said.

Published by Soniya Kaur on 05 Jan 2019

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