Chinese Company Humiliates Their Employees For Not Fulfilling The Given Targets, Video Goes viral

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Chinese Company Humiliates Their Employees For Not Fulfilling The Given Targets, Video Goes viral

There are many of the employees who fail to reach and complete the target on time. And what if you are not able to complete these targets? Your boss might get mad at you, will scold you or deduct your salary. Well, you must bid a thank you to God as you are not a part of a Chinese company who has been in headlines for all the negative reasons.

The employees of a Chinese company were seen crawling on the road. Yes, recently several workers from the Chinese company were forced to crawl on the road as a punishment for not completing their targets at the year-end.

The staff was seen crawling on a busy traffic road with a flag-bearer ahead of them who was holding the company’s flag. The crawling went on until the police arrived at the spot.

A report suggests that the company was temporarily shut down after the incident. The video of the whole scenario went viral on the internet. In just hours it started making rounds on Twitter and Instagram. The passers-by and travelers were surprised and shocked to see the employees in such a state.

After the video game, the Chinese company received a lot of backlash for their insensitive gesture.

Many of the people harshly reacted to the post on twitter. One of the users commented, “I hope these companies which trample on their workers’ dignity would be closed down.”

Several people also aimed at the employees for the silent exception of such kind of harsh and cruel behavior. One of the users commented, “How could they give up their dignity for money?”

However, this is not for the first time when employees in a Chinese company have been facing such a humiliating punishment. China is been counted among the countries that don’t treat their employees with respect. It’s sad how someone would allow themselves to be treated in such a bad way.

Published by Isha Kataria on 18 Jan 2019

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