China is the first country to reach so far side of the Moon and grow Cotton Plant there

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China is the first country to reach so far side of the Moon and grow Cotton Plant there

China reached to the moon for the first on January 6. The country is the first one who reached so far side of the moon. And now the country’s lander has got success to begin to grow plants on the Moon.

The Chang’e-4 lander’s primary objective mission was to study the far side of the moon. The second mission was the attempt to grow flowering plants on our planetary satellite. Moreover, they wanted to see if humans would ever be able to farm there as part of a colonization effort. The lander has on board a 3 kg canister filled with six different biological species that it will attempt to cultivate.

The canister is filled with seeds for cotton, rapeseed, potato, and Arabidopsis, as well as Fruit fly eggs and yeast. Post after Chang’e-4 landed, the experiment was commenced and the seeds were given water.

Moreover, the country has shared the photos of the payload which were taken on January 7. It showed their cotton seeds sprouting. Along with them, there are photos of cotton plants being grown on Earth as control experiments. The plants on the moon showed less growth but still, it is a scientific achievement.

According, to an official from China, none of the other species seem to be growing. Well, this is a huge achievement and has garnered a lot of attention. It is getting a lot of attention on the internet.

Earlier, the plants have been grown in space with things like lettuce and sunflowers being grown on the International Space Station. But this is for the first time that plants have been grown in a lunar environment.

Published by Isha Kataria on 21 Jan 2019

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