All’s Well Between Jasleen Mathura and Anup Jalota, Pose Together For A Picture

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All’s Well Between Jasleen Mathura and Anup Jalota, Pose Together For A Picture

Jasleen Mathura and Anup Jalota gathered headlines when they appear on the reality show Bigg Boss 12 and since then, the teacher-student manage to steal the limelight even today. Even though their relationship was fake for the BB12 as they claimed earlier, they seem so good together. The youth liked them so much as a couple but when Anup got eliminated from the show, he declared that Jasleen made up the whole story of dating and it was all fake.

Initially, Anup was upset with Jasleen but now things are sorted out between them as the singer Jasleen shared a happy picture of the two looking all gorgeous and beautiful as always. Have a look at the picture:

The two have now denied being in a relationship and said it was a prank for the show. “People are not able to understand our relationship. We don’t have any kind of love story. We just share a musical relationship. She is my student and I am her teacher. I help her in learning music,” Jalota said, adding, “There is no girlfriend-boyfriend kind of relationship between us and we are also not involved in any romantic and physical relation.”

He said Jasleen’s father was his very old friend. “I know Jasleen and his family for a long time, A lot of times I have met them at the airport and at their home. But Jasleen and I hardly get time to meet each other. She hasn’t even met my family members yet.”

When Jalota got evicted from the show he said, “I have earned huge goodwill and respect in my decades-long career. Fighting does not suit me. I cannot abuse someone and cannot even take any abuse from someone. So, I think that’s where I lacked and was not able to impress the audience. But I had a lifetime experience in the house. I will miss everyone”.

Talking about BB 12, Dipika Kakkar won the title of this season while Sreesanth has to settle as a runner up. Deepak Thakur also took 20 lac and leave the show at the end when three finalists left.

Published by Soniya Kaur on 12 Jan 2019

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