African Country, Rwanda Puts A Ban On All Skin Lightening Products

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African Country, Rwanda Puts A Ban On All Skin Lightening Products

A great initiative has been taken by an East African country Rwanda as they put a ban on all skin lightening creams and bleaching products and even if it is not done in a country like India with a diversities of skin colours, we are happy for Rwanda’s people. It is inspirational news coming from Africa that we should learn from them.

Now, the country is sending officials across the country so that the process will happen soon and in a loud voice.

Rwanda has initiated a campaign against skin bleaching and similar inferior and worthless cosmetics especially those which has hydroquinone, a skin-lightening agent, in it. People around the world are rejoicing the fact that Africa has taken a stand against the illegitimate and such double standards of beauty which is considered all around the world. Now, the definition of beauty is going to change at least in some place of the world where skin colors must be embraced.

“It is been implemented by the Ministry of Health and the Rwanda Food and Drug Authority and the Rwanda Standards Board,” Simeon Kwizera, the PR and communications officer for the board told a popular publication.

As the prohibition is in the process and the technical people are handling it with the help of the police to ensure the safety standards. President Paul Kagame of the country started the campaign on the social media in November 2018 when he talked about the need to ban skin whitening products.

Meanwhile, in India, people are still stuck and obsessed with these fairness products as the most googled content of the internet in here is  ‘best fairness cream in India’ and ‘why is India obsessed with fair skin’.

Our Bollywood stars who criticized the fairness endorsement includes Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Abhay Deol whereas Shah Rukh Khan, John Abraham and Siddarth Malhotra are endorsing such cream brands. People who blindly follow these celebs are attracted to it like the moth to flames.

Well, we are hoping soon the ban will take place in India too where a few are understanding the need to prohibit such products as well as criticizing it.

Published by Soniya Kaur on 14 Jan 2019

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