73 Years Old Lady Named Dai Dali Passionate For Pole Dancing Is An Inspiration For Many

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73 Years Old Lady Named Dai Dali Passionate For Pole Dancing Is An Inspiration For Many

Retirement is not the end of the world at least for some people. As a result, a few retired people dive into the pull of frustration or disappointment as their routine comes to an end after decades and a few feel empty. Certainly, at the age of 60, one’s life changed, for some, it’s the rest after the exhausting job life and for others, it’s totally the beginning of a new life. And this 73-year-old Dai Dali is a great example for the rest of old age people.

At the age of 65, Dali found her love for pole dancing who is a resident of China. After her retirement at the bookstore in 2005, she started looking for new ways to isolate from her boredom. And then she found pole dancing interesting…

Let’s not talk much and take a look at the remarkably flexible Dali’s antics on the pole.

According to the reports of China Daily, she first stepped in the pole dancing classes at the age of 65 and fell in the love with the dance instantly. Even though pain and injuries come in her way, this brave lady never stopped learning it.

Sharing her experience, Dai said, “I like the feeling of spinning in the air. It’s fantastic”.

Soon, Dai Dali was facilitated when local as well as international media followed her inspirational journey. Passionate for pole dancing, her love for dance knows no bound. Interestingly, she also auditioned for Asia’s Got Talent.

We wish her many more years of health and happiness so she continues to do what she loves inspiring people across the world!

Published by Soniya Kaur on 16 Jan 2019

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