6 YO Chinese kid is ready to give you a desirable hair cut, video goes viral

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6 YO Chinese kid is ready to give you a desirable hair cut, video goes viral

What do you when you need a haircut, what a silly question am I asking…Obviously, we will go to a salon. Jiang Hongqi, a six-year-old boy is all ready to give you a stylish new look with his talent of hairdressing. You would be surprised by looking at the kid who just looks like another young lad but doesn’t go by his age, he is a born talent and a gift of God.

Jiang, the 6 years old lad of the Suining, Sichuan province from China has become a professional hair stylist at the basic age of 6. He has got the talent from the genes but wait for a minute… we need to appreciate his work as he is giving a major challenge to many big stylists around the world at such a tender age of 6.

The video of his styling and dressing hair is going viral to showcase his talent to the world. He is seen cutting and straightening a lady’s hair as an expertised salon master.


As reported by the Mail Online, Jiang is learning this great art from the toddler age of 4. At the starting, the ‘Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka’ was assisted by the workers at the salon but after a while, he started handling the clients and started serving them by himself. The young talented boy has around 1.5 million followers on short video app Kuaishou. His videos are shared by his parents on the social media platform. His parents have been running this salon for the past 6 years and Jiang is helping them since he was just 4.


A person is a person, no matter of what age group does he belongs to…

Published by Shifa Naz on 21 Jan 2019

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