The most expensive Christmas tree made of whopping Rs 18 Crores in Europe will blow your mind

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The most expensive Christmas tree made of whopping Rs 18 Crores in Europe will blow your mind

Winter is all about Christmas followed by the New Year’s Eve. With just 13 days left for the Christmas celebration, the entire world is prepping up for the day when Jesus was born. The birth of God’s own child took place on 25th December and is considered as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. It’s the festival of celebration when we delightfully felicitate the time with our families, decorate our houses beautifully, and party hard with our close ones.

Usually, the Christmas trees are decorated with stars, bells, chocolates, tinsel, and strings of lights, Munich gold dealer Pro Aurum changed the usual style of decorating the tree and made it extra special with sumptuous gold coins that costs worth 18crores INR.

The annual festival commemorating every year light ups the happiness but remain incomplete without the age-old tradition of setting up your own Christmas tree. And you got to admit that it was not just about X for X-mas tree in nursery classes, but we have spent our time in childhood decorating it all the way with chocolates and lights and wished of the Santa Claus to come and give us the desirable gift from his bag.

The opulent and expensive masterpiece, which is being hailed as Europe’s most expensive Christmas tree, is worth a whopping 18 Crores (2.3 million euros or USD 2.6 million). The one-ounce Vienna-Philharmonic coins are placed on an acrylic stand and the structure has a 20-ounce coin decorated like a star at the top.

As per the Global News, the beautiful 63 Kilogram pure gold-tree will be on the public display at Pro Aurum’s Munich Goldhaus until 15th of Dec.

While speaking about the Christmas tree spokesperson said, “The Christmas tree is special because of its value. At the current rate that has a value of about 2.3 million euros (USD $2.6 million).”

We are excitingly waiting for the festive eve.

Published by Shifa Naz on 12 Dec 2018

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