Kerala Couple’s Perfect-Wedding-Invite Goes Viral, Even Shashi Tharoor Is Super Impressed

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Kerala Couple’s Perfect-Wedding-Invite Goes Viral, Even Shashi Tharoor Is Super Impressed

A couple from Kerala got married this month. Their unique wedding invite has left the social media amazed. They have found an innovative way to show off their chemistry and bonding to the world. They printed their wedding invitation card using Chemistry symbols. On Wednesday the groom Soorya Nair took it to Facebook and shared his Chemistry wedding card. The unique invite card had the names of the couple represented as chemical symbols of their names Vn+Sa (within and Soorya). They are represented as two separate atoms that are about to bond. The atoms look like to be chemically bonding which also means that the couple has perfect chemistry.

Initially, the invite was shared on Facebook but now it has gone viral all over social media. Not only this, but the card has also managed to impressed Congress leader Shashi Tharoor who retweeted the invite from this Twitter Handle and gave his best wishes to the couple.

The minister posted, “Wishing them all the best for a happy married life. May the chemistry between them always sparkle, the physics feature more than heat and the biology results in bountiful offspring.”

The invite read, “The atoms Vithun and Soorya have decided to become a molecule with the activation energies of both parents.” It further added, “Requesting your latency with your reactants and products on the bonding ceremony.”

The various pages of the card have cute messages like Chemistry unites us printed on them. Many chemistry lovers found the invite indigenous and couldn’t help but admire the couple’s commitment by sharing such a chemistry invite.

Check out some of the hilarious reactions of Twitterati’s…

Looking closely at the invite you can get a quick revision of all the ionic-covalent bonds. On one side a beaker from the chemistry lab represented the wedding venue. Whereas on the other side, the wedding dates designated the reaction. There was also a molecular structure of the love compound on the invite card.

Published by Isha Kataria on 15 Dec 2018

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