Highest Paid Cities In India Where The Pay Packages Of Employees Are Mind-Blowing

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Highest Paid Cities In India Where The Pay Packages Of Employees Are Mind-Blowing

Everyone wants high salaries and a well standard of living within big cities. Just to earn the money we deserve, we always keep an eye on the opportunities around us in the across the country and world. But still, only a few people in India have the access to a better annual package as per their convenience.

Well, we are going to tell you about some places or cities where the companies give the employee the right opportunities. Recently, the latest study by LinkedIn tends to help the job seekers in knowing the highest paying cities and sectors.

So there are a few highest paying cities in India and Bengaluru comes on the first number and apart from it Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai’s companies provide the salaries.

In Bengaluru, the average amends is Rs 12 lakh per annum while in Mumbai it is 9.03 lakh in Mumbai, 8.99 lakh in Delhi, 8.45 lakh in Hyderabad and 6.31 lakh in Chennai. In other cities, the annual package is less than the above numbers provided.

Let’s talk about the sectors now who pays the highest annual income.

Well, we all know one thing for sure technology-related jobs are the one who pays a good amount. It is the hardware and networking allied jobs which bring the best salaries for the employees. Working in the sector of chip designing also provides a good salary. Due to the chip design executives has moved to India, the salaries have seen a huge rise in the VLSI area, Shivananda Koteshwar, head of design R&D at semiconductor tools company Synopsys India told a leading daily. He also said that just 2 years ago, the employees were getting the salaries 3 times their years of experience and now it is 4.5 time their years of experience.

If we talk about the field of networking, V C Gopalratnam, CIO (international), Cisco said that customers are facing great challenges concerning security and capacity of the networks every day and therefore the demand of networking skills and innovation is increasing. This is the reason behind the rise in the salaries of the employees.

Published by Soniya Kaur on 25 Nov 2018

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