From Shah Rukh Khan To Shakira, Celebs Who Own Private Islands

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From Shah Rukh Khan To Shakira, Celebs Who Own Private Islands

Land property is something a commoner desire to have, and in this exorbitant time, it is even difficult to have a 1BHK house, there are few people who are sitting in the lap of luxury and are living king size life.

The celebs from Hollywood and Bollywood world are the ones who own sumptuous stuff living legendary life owning bungalows, having private jets and wait a min they even own private islands…Isn’t that too much.

Today we are looking at some actors and actress from the world who have their own islands, among them only Badshah Khan Shah Rukh is the only B-town celeb to have a villa on an island, numbers are lining up from the Hollywood side.

1. Shah Rukh Khan


The Badshah of Bollywood has a luxurious villa,  which is spread over two levels and 8,500sq ft. Set on a 14,000 sq ft plot, it has six bedrooms as well as a remote control two-car garage.
Worth Price: $ 2.8 million.

2. Celine Dion at Ile Gagnon, Quebec


The 24,000 sq. ft. the residence is fully sheathed in stone with the dramatic slate roof. The classical interiors are unrivaled in their finishing and detailing.

Worth Price: $25,500,000

3. Shakira at Bonds cay at the Bahamas


Shakira along with Waters bought the island, which is more than 500 acres, of developing it not just as a destination for the rich and famous, but also an artists’ retreat for them.

Worth Price:  $15 million.

4. Michael Schumacher at Dubai

Image result for Michael Schumacher at Dubai


Michael Schumacher got Island from the Prince of Dubai as a gift.

Worth Price: $7 Million

5. Nicolas Cage at the Bahamas


Covering on more than 2 acres of some of the most expensive real estate in the region the island is owned by Nicolas Cage’s house at Nassau Bahamas, he bought it in 2006.

Worth Price: $3 million

6. Julia Roberts at the Bahamas


Julia’s island is on Georgia coast, the Bahamas, the 3,792-square-foot property, nicknamed “The Faye Estate,” has belonged to Roberts since she bought it in 2011.

Worth Price: $13.4 million

7. Eddie Murphy at Rooster Cay


As per the reports of Private Island Magazine actor Eddie Murphy bought the 15+ acre Rooster Cay in 2007.
Worth Price: US $15M.

That was really incredible to know how these celebs are living king size life… Stay tuned to know such exciting facts.

Published by Shifa Naz on 11 Nov 2018

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