Bigg Boss 12: Teejay Sidhu Took A Stand For Hubby KV As He Is Ridiculed Every Now And Then

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Bigg Boss 12: Teejay Sidhu Took A Stand For Hubby KV As He Is Ridiculed Every Now And Then

Bigg Boss 12 contestant Karanvir Bohra who is among the tough competition of this season is majorly pointed out for his dressing style, hairstyle and a lot more. Finally, his wife Teejay Sidhu takes a stand for him and came front to support him, acting like a doted wife. Teejay, due to the constant ridiculing made at Karanvir, every time she used to take things in a lighter way but this time it went wrong somehow.

Teeje took this happening to Instagram and wrote on her official social media handle, “It’s okay to joke around and tease someone, but there comes a point when a person may be feeling genuinely upset. He may smile, but it doesn’t mean he’s happy, it just means he is trying not to show his pain tagging Karanvir Bohra at BiggBoss12.”

A piece from the writing could be read as “Respected Bigg Boss team, I saw the Sunday Weekend Ka War and wanted to share some thoughts with you. First of all, I don’t know if myself and Karanvir have upset you guys in any way, but if we have, I sincerely apologize. It seems you are upset with KV about something, but we don’t know what. Every Weekend KV is ridiculed and it is hard to see him being demoralized like this. At first, I just thought it was harmless leg-pulling, and even defended the same. But after last night’s episode, there seems to be something more to it.”

She shared her thoughts on Karan’s play in the Bigg Boss season 12, she stated, “I see KV as the winner. Bigg Boss is a journey and everybody has to go through the difficulties. Unfortunately, he is having some hard experiences inside the house, but it is said that what breaks you makes you stronger. But, he definitely knows how to deal with all. He has shown a lot of courage, a lot of kindness and love for everybody. He knows how to fight and how to forgive. He is a very nice, dignified contestant. And he reacts only when required.”

What do you think about Karanvir’s dressing and styling, share with us…

Published by Shifa Naz on 14 Nov 2018

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