20 Year Old Sandeep Bohat Is Doing A Noble Cause By Teaching Slums Kids At A Police Station

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20 Year Old Sandeep Bohat Is Doing A Noble Cause By Teaching Slums Kids At A Police Station

Education is the foremost thing in our life and everyone has the right to have it. So to provide the education to the people who somehow don’t have the privilege, a 20-year-old tutor is offering them, free classes.

Sandeep Bohat is the man behind who is teaching 40 slum students and is contributing his part in this noble task. Reported by the Times of India, Sandeep is giving the classes at a police station where offenders, journalists, complainants, and lawyers are the regular visitors. Earlier, Sandeep took classes in a park in Rohini.

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Still, there are people like Bohat who wants to make a change in the country and after watching his kind gesture, inspector Jagminder Singh came forward to help him and ask him to take classes in a police station. Earlier, the parents hesitated to send their children off to study especially girls for safety reason but now even the girls are coming to take to classes just because the location is safer now.

Apart from providing education to the slums, Bohat even constructed two toilets for slum women after he saw a girl defecating in the open. He saved Rs. 10 daily so that the toilets can be built. Kids’ parents even asked Bohat that they can pay him whatever they afford but he refused to take such fees. He told Times of India that “I think of my fees being paid in full the day my work enables these kids to help others in need.”

Asking other society, Bohat requested them to save some money for further welfares.

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Published by Soniya Kaur on 28 Nov 2018

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