Let Avni Live is going viral across the globe, citizens demanding to save the tigress

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Let Avni Live is going viral across the globe, citizens demanding to save the tigress

For the last one week, the social media platforms are all full with #LetAvniLive. A lot of slogans have also started creating awareness on the streets. There are massive protests that are being organized throughout the country to protect tigress Avni which was harmed on the sight followed by the order of Maharashtra government.

Avni is a 5-year-old tigress who is also a mother to a 2 month and 9-month old cub in Pandharkawda forest, Ralegaon in the Yavatmal district of Maharashtra. According to the state government, the tigeress was declared as a man-eater who has taken lives of around thirteen human beings.

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Looking at the situation animal lovers and human activists along with the common people were not ready to accept that the national animal is a man-eater.

Anand Siva an activist spoke to Indiatimes and told about the irregularities of the case. He was asked about the same thing where she replied, “Avni is just being a tigress. She occupies between 18 and 120 square kilometers of the forest. The place naturally being a forest has a lot of biodiversities, trees, and wildlife and that’s where she is. It is the people who are walking into the forest, we are walking into her territory and calling her a man-eater. She is in her own territory and is not coming out in search of cattle or villagers.”

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According to the reports 13 bodies were found inside the forest and the blame has been attributed to Avni. Siva also points out the decision by asking why did the government conduct DNA tests only on 3 out of 13 bodies. He also informed that the bodies were not found on the outskirts of the forests but to the right side inside the jungle which clearly defines that Avni has not moved out of her territory. He also reported that these protests are not only happening just to protect Avni but also about the lack of interest of government towards the who happening.

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Several citizens across the globe have been supporting #LetAvniLive. Siva also encouraged many human beings to do contribute for the situation to save Avni.

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Published by Isha Kataria on 11 Oct 2018

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