Enjoy Diwali By Brightening The Environment With Non-Polluting Crackers

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Enjoy Diwali By Brightening The Environment With Non-Polluting Crackers

Now green eco-friendly crackers may soon be a reality. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali bursting crackers leads to an increase in pollution level. Looking on to this, the SC has imposed a stop on bursting crackers and introduced and allowed the use of only green and eco-friendly crackers within a 2-hour time frame. These eco-friendly crackers release water vapor as a dust suppressant.

This year Diwali, the festival of lights promises us for a pollution free environment. As air pollution has become a major issue for the people living in Delhi. This pollution causes breathing problems and deteriorating air visibility. We can say that crackers are equal to problems not for celebrations.

Whereas the local vendors who are selling crackers and do not know about the use of green crackers find ways to sell out their crackers. We know that Diwali is known for crackers. But the fact is that many people have been shifted towards the use of eco-friendly ones.

According to IANS, A. Muthu, a crackers dealer in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu said, “Unlike the normal crackers making method, the eco-friendly crackers are based on vaccum combustion method. These crackers produce colourful sparks with a considerable sound and less smoke.”

He added, “All the major metros demand eco-friendly crackers, while people in villages and small towns still prefer high-decibel crackers.”

For a pollution free environment, the government has already have introduced many schemes. Like the odd-even scheme and CNG driven cars and buses and even promoting the use of bicycles and carpooling. The recent move has put a stop on the plying of 15-yr-old petrol and 10-year-old diesel vehicles in Delhi. An order has also been given to the Transport Department to impound these vehicles if found plying.

Some of the people think that without bursting the crackers the festival is incomplete. So opting for eco-friendly crackers are the best option to complete and lighten up your Diwali.

Published by Isha Kataria on 31 Oct 2018

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