Bigg Boss 12 Dhamaka: Anup Jalota Breaks Up With His Girlfriend

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Bigg Boss 12 Dhamaka: Anup Jalota Breaks Up With His Girlfriend

One of the most controversial reality show of Indian television Bigg Boss season 12 sees its first dhamaka. The atrangi Jodi of Bhajan singer Anup Jalota and his girlfriend Jasleen will have some tough time.

Yesterday, Bigg Boss gave the task to the contestants in which Jasleen did something which her Jodi didn’t expect from her. After the task, the singer and other house mates are seen sitting at the dining table. He tells other inmates about feeling bad as Jasleen didn’t do what he expected. She played selfishly and just for herself during the previous task. His girlfriend didn’t even take out her clothes and agreed to give her clothes and make-up for sake of him. Jasleen proved that her clothes and make-up are important to her, not her beau.

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Anup was too hurt to see the not-so-good gesture of Jasleen. Following the task, he announces that he is breaking up with Jasleen. He also asks the housemates including Singles and Jodis 

to consider him as a single player from now. He is no longer a jodi and he doesn’t want to be with the girl anymore. 

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Shocked with Anup’s announcement, Jasleen who is also present at the table will be seen asking him if he is serious. In reply, the singer tells Jasleen he is seriously saying that he will no longer want to be with her. The task had showed her real character and he would have made all the sacrifices, if he had been asked the same.

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Jasleen on the other hand says, they come together at the show and made their relationship public. They even hadn’t thought about others. Then, how could Anup doubt her love. But, Anup citing the task says that the task only required her to sacrifice her clothes which she didn’t do.

On the other hand, Sreesanth suggests him not to break his relationship of three-years just because of a task. While, Anup sticks on to follow what he announced. He also says that he couldn’t sleep the previous night due to whole thing happened to him. His emotions gets overflown as he is quite hurt. And other contestants calms Jasleen. 

Jasleen once again takes effort to talk to Anup but he tells her that his decision is not going to change. However, Jasleen doesn’t look convinced and she asks him to rethink what he decided. Only, the upcoming episode will tell what would Anup decide? 

Published by Mamatha on 02 Oct 2018

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