Apply for discount student, nonprofit and government tickets to Disrupt Berlin 2018

In less than two months, thousands of the best and brightest minds from the European and international tech startup scene will attend Disrupt Berlin 2018. The conference, which takes place November 29-30, draws participants from more than 50 countries across Europe, Asia and beyond. It’s two full days of connection, collaboration and — most of all — opportunity.

We want to make that opportunity available, affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. In that spirit, we’re excited to offer special discounts to students and nonprofit and government employees. Click here for details and to apply for discounted Innovator passes.

Here’s what you can access with an Innovator pass:

  • All three content stages (Main Stage, The Next Stage, Q&A Stage)
  • Videos of all stage content at the event (Q&A Stage programming is not recorded)
  • All Workshops
  • Startup Alley Expo with more than 500 startups and exhibitors
  • Full attendee list and the ability to connect with attendees via CrunchMatch
  • TC After Party (if you’re at least 21 years old)

Let’s talk discount eligibility, shall we?

First up: students. You must be currently enrolled in a grade school, high school, college or university program — or have graduated from a college or university program within the last six months. Note that coding schools do not qualify, and you can’t combine the student discount with any other discount offers. Your reduced Innovator pass to Disrupt Berlin will cost €130 plus VAT.

When you check in at Disrupt Berlin registration, you’ll need to show your valid student ID, proof of current enrollment or a copy of your official transcripts to receive your badge. If you don’t have your student credentials, you’ll have to pay the full on-site price of an Innovator pass.

Next up: nonprofits and government employees. The discount applies to current full-time employees of nonprofit organizations, federal, state or local government agencies, international government agencies and active military employees. The discounted Innovator pass will cost €495 plus VAT.

Nonprofit employees will need to provide their email address from their organization during the registration process. Government employees must provide their valid .gov email address during the registration process.

When you check in at Disrupt Berlin registration, you’ll need to show proof of current employment at your nonprofit (copy of 501c3 documentation) or government organization. Government contractors, including contractors working on government “Cost Reimbursable Contracts,” are not eligible for the government discount.

We accept the following forms of valid government ID:

  • Government-issued Visa, MasterCard or American Express
  • Government picture ID
  • Military picture ID
  • Federally Funded Research Development Corp (FFRDC) ID

If you don’t have your valid nonprofit or government credentials, you’ll have to pay the full on-site price of an Innovator pass. Note that you can’t combine the nonprofit or government discount with any other discount offers.

Disrupt Berlin 2018 takes place November 29-30, and this is a great way for students, nonprofits and government employees to take in everything the show has to offer for a discounted price. Don’t miss out. Apply to get your discounted Innovator passes today.

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