Thousands Of People Showed Up At The KSIC Showroom To Buy Mysore Silk Saree in Karnataka

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Thousands Of People Showed Up At The KSIC Showroom To Buy Mysore Silk Saree in Karnataka

Lord Ganesha or Ganpati Bappa has been welcomed by the folks this year and as the festival begins, everyone started the preparations including buying new clothes and other things to decorate their houses. Last day before the Gowri-Ganesha festival, hundreds of women lined up at the Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC) showroom opposite Mysuru Zoo to buy the highly-discounted silk sarees. KSIC showroom was the only outlet in the city where the discount purchase was going on till evening and we know ladies love for saree and this picture from outside the showroom is a proof.

Have a look at the picture:

image source

Ain’t it looks bizarre that N number of women showed up at this shopping centre for Sarees?

Every woman owns at least one or two silk sarees in their wardrobe. Sericulture Minister S.R. Mahesh had announced that the silk sarees which usually costs anywhere between Rs.8,000 and Rs.12,000 would be sold for Rs.4,500 during Varamahalakshmi festival. However, it gets postponed and just one day before the Ganesh Pujan, a news spread that Mysore Silk Saree was on sale and people queued up near the KSIC showroom from morning 10.30 onwards.

At the shop, there were terms and conditions applied to the sale as it happened at the last moment. Terms are this: they all have to stoop up in line, in Mysuru only 1,500 sarees are on sale and they came in just five colors and one woman can buy only one saree, and also only women were allowed to buy the Saree with the registration of their Aadhar Card. By 12 noon nearly 300 people had registered. The sale will begin only after 3 pm on the arrival of the CM and the Sericulture Minister and once the registration reached the number 1500, the sale will get stopped.

Few officials were asked about the price of the sarees, they told that after the sale the final price of the saree including 5% tax (Rs.4,500+Rs.250) will be Rs.4,750. When the number of people starts increasing outside the shop, Tight Police security was provided by the Police personnel.

This was the scene there:

image source

Can you imagine, all this happened for the Mysore Sarees?

Published by Soniya Kaur on 13 Sep 2018

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