Sakshi Malik Birthday: 5 People Who Helped Sakshi Malik Reach The Mountain Top Of Success

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Sakshi Malik Birthday: 5 People Who Helped Sakshi Malik Reach The Mountain Top Of Success

Today, on the birthday of the wrestling champion Sakshi Malik, we are going to tell you about the 5 people who have worked hard behind the curtain and made Malik what she is today.

Sakshi’s Mother

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Sakshi’s mother Sudesh took her for the first time to the Chhoturam stadium. Here, Sakshi chose wrestling, and the mother stood with her in the phase of heavy opposition. It was difficult to prove herself in the traditional game of men, but Sakshi accepted the challenge. Sakshi’s mother Sudesh has been living day and night for her daughter to have no problem in eating and drinking. She keeps providing proteins or other essential nutrients on time.

Sakshi’s Grandfather

Badluram had a hobby of Pehalwani while living in Mokhra. He used to go to the arena and show his skills in Pahlwani. Staying with them, Sakshi felt an attachment to wrestling. Seeing the grandfather, Sakshi wanted to become a wrestler. The family shifted to the Shivaji Colony in the city, then the heart of Sakshi rekindled the excitement towards it.

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Sakshi’s Brother

Sakshi’s brother Sachin has a huge contribution to her life. When she used to go for practice at stadium seven-eight kilometre away from home, Sachin made sure to drop and pick her up to the stadium on time. He said that whenever Sakshi asked for something, he made her available at any cost.

Coach Ishwar Dahiya

Coach Ishwar Dahiya taught tricks of wrestling at Chhoturam Stadium, during this time he met Sakshi. Given the passion of Sakshi and passion in Wrestling, Ishwar Dahiya has proved himself as a raw pitcher. Later on, the coach changed, but Ishwar Dahiya’s teachings helped her win at Rio.

Coach Mandeep

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After coach Ishwar Dahiya, Sakshi got the support of coach Mandeep. After this, there was a tremendous improvement in Sakshi’s game. The experience of the coach and the hard work of Sakshi fostered the flag of India in Rio.

We wish Sakshi a very happy birthday. Stay tuned to Laughing Colours for the latest sports news and updates.

Published by Bhaumik Raja on 03 Sep 2018

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