Exhibit for free in Startup Alley at Disrupt Berlin 2018

Disrupt Berlin 2018 takes place on 29-30 November, and we simply can’t wait to see you all there. We always get super stoked about Startup Alley, the Disrupt exhibition hall, where hundreds of innovative early-stage startups display the very latest tech products, platforms and services. Now, the only thing better than exhibiting in Startup Alley is to do it for free. Yes…free.

Here’s the deal. We’re searching for founders of exceptional startups to be TC Top Picks. If you should earn that title, you’ll receive a FREE Startup Alley Exhibitor Package. All the benefits of exhibiting in Startup Alley with none of the cost. The deadline to apply to be a TC Top Pick is 28 September, so, get ‘er done!

If you’re not familiar with Startup Alley, know this: it’s a breeding ground for opportunity. Consider what Vlad Larin, co-founder of Zeroqode, had to say about his Startup Alley experience:

“Startup Alley was a great networking opportunity. It was full of all the people you could possibly hope to meet at a tech conference. They spanned diverse backgrounds and industries. We talked to people looking for partnerships, investments, new ideas, collaboration and inspiration.”

Here’s the first Top Pick qualification hurdle you need to clear. Your startup must fall into one of the tech categories below:

  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Blockchain
  • CRM/Enterprise
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Fintech
  • Healthtech/Biotech
  • Hardware, Robotics, IoT
  • Mobility
  • Gaming

Our selection process is highly curated, and TechCrunch editors will review and vet each qualified application thoroughly. They’ll choose up to five startups to represent each category.

Each Top Pick receives one Startup Alley Exhibitor Package, which includes a one-day exhibit space, three Disrupt Berlin Founder Passes, access to CrunchMatch (our free investor-to-startup matching platform) and access to the Disrupt press list. With all these tools and resources at your disposal, you’ll be an unstoppable networking machine.

And who knows? The attendees in Startup Alley might even vote your startup as a Wild Card company, which would let you participate in the Startup Battlefield pitch competition for a $50,000 cash prize. That’s exactly what happened to RecordGram at Disrupt NY 2017, and it went on to win the grand prize.

Along with lots of attention from media outlets roaming through the Alley, Top Picks also receive a three-minute interview with a TechCrunch editor on the Showcase Stage, which we promote across our social media platforms. That kind of exposure has life-changing potential, and it can help take your business to the next level.

Disrupt Berlin 2018 takes place 29-30 November, and we hope to see you exhibiting in Startup Alley — for free. Remember, the deadline to apply to be a TC Top Pick is 28 September. Seize the day and the opportunity!

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