Drainage Canals In Japan Are So Clean That It Has Fishes In It

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Drainage Canals In Japan Are So Clean That It Has Fishes In It

The world is currently fighting the pollution-be it water, air, soil, or noise. The countries are looking for solutions to make their water bodies clean. If we talk about India specifically, it is rare to find clean water. Rivers, Oceans, Lakes, Ponds- Almost everything is polluted. Government sanctions funds for cleaning rivers, but it hardly makes any difference. Even the increased tourism has led to the pollution in water bodies that were untouched before.

And in the meantime, Japan’s water bodies are so clean that you can see your clear reflection in it. The drainage canals in Japan are so clean that it has beautiful Koi fishes swimming in it.

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Koi fishes are known for its ability to swim upstream.

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This just shows that the drainage canals in Japan are not only clean but also home to living species. The scenario is such that the drainage of Japan sometimes become the tourist attraction.

Did you even thought that drainage could become an important part of scenic beauty of a country.

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Japan is the country the respects nature and environment. It has always laid emphasis on harmony between man and nature. Their drainage canals are more pure than our rivers. Their gardens are a work of art. Their roads are clean and have beautiful landscapes.

It’s time we should learn something from them.

Published by Kanika Saini on 02 Sep 2018

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