3 Idiots Millimetre Looks Different After 9 Years

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3 Idiots Millimetre Looks Different After 9 Years

In 2009, three friends Rancho (Aamir Khan), Farhan Qureshi (R. Madhavan) and Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) came into our lives and changed it for good. They taught us the ways of life and made us understood what life is, how it works and what kind of people we will meet.

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‘3 Idiots’ is the best movie and while we all loved the trio’s unique friendship, there was one more character who was equally loved for the most part of the movie.

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We’re talking about Millimetre (Rahul Kumar), a young errand boy in the Engineering college who used to run chores for students like laundry, getting groceries and even finishing their assignments.

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If you’re a ‘3 Idiots’ fan like me, then this dialogue has to be fresh in your memory to this day, “Millimetre ab Centimetre ban chuka hai”. The same dialogue that Phunsuk Wangdu’s assistant says in front of Rancho’s friends when they meet him after 10 years

9 years on, the real Millimetre is all grown up, but he looks nothing like the Centimetre we saw in the movie. Looks like we’ve been living a lie all these years.

The kid has now turned into a handsome 22-year-old, who has several movies and television serials in his credit.

Rahul was all of 3 when he started acting in theatre. Apart from ‘3 Idiots’, he’s been a part of movies like ‘Omkara’, ‘The Blue Umbrella’ and ‘Zoo’.

Rahul has also acted in a lot of TV serials in supporting characters and his performance was appreciated by all.

While Rahul may have moved on from his ‘3 Idiots’ character, for us, he’ll always be Millimetre.

Published by Minal Gupta on 14 Sep 2018

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