Gmail got a new feature named Confidential Mode for Android and iOS users

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Gmail got a new feature named Confidential Mode for Android and iOS users

Here comes a new feature update when using Gmail. Gmail got a redesign earlier this year and many features went missing with this upgrade on the Android and iOS applications.

Recently, Gmail came up with a feature named confidential mode for the mobile users with an easy functionality. This mode will help you to send the email with a self-destruct period of time which means the email, user send get deleted after some time. You don’t have to update your application for this as Google is switching it on gradually through a server-side update and it will be available for all the iOS and Android users.

Gmail upgraded the Confidential Mode arrived with it in April 2018 and now is the time Android and iOS users are finally getting it.

How will it work?

1. When composing an email you will get this mode which prevents the recipient from forwarding, copying/ pasting, downloading, and printing the content in the email.

2. It will occur as a normal email when using in Gmail application but those who don’t use the app it shows up as a link that opens up in a secure portal. In both cases, the confidential mode will be still on.

3. For the expiration of the email, you have to set a particular date for it and it will be deleted from the recipient’s mobile or any device. You will get the option of the time period to 1 day, 1 week, and up to 5 years. The Recipient verification is also available in Confidential Mode, which allows for standard or 2-factor SMS passcode verification as well.

Upgraded Gmail will work in the same way in both Android and iOS like when you compose a new email just tap on the overflow menu to see a new option called Confidential Mode and after this fill the expiration date.

So try this new feature and share it with your friends.

Published by Soniya Kaur on 18 Aug 2018

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