DJI releases a Spark drone with a bear face on it

We’re still waiting for a rescheduled time for the July Mavic 2 event, but here’s something while you wait, I guess. It’s the Spark, but with a bear face.

Honestly, there’s not really much to add that isn’t already covered by the few thousand words we already wrote about the DJI Spark. Read those, but imagine that there’s also a seemingly disinterested bear character starting at you the whole time, and you’ve got a pretty close approximation of the Line Friends (Brown) l Spark.

The product is the drone giant’s first “characterized drone,” the result of a partnership with Line Friends, a Japanese line of adorable animal friends. From the sound of it, Brown the bear is the first of a number of animal branded drones from the two companies.

Beyond that, there doesn’t appear to be much to distinguish it from the standard Spark.

Here’s DJI Senior Comms Manager Monica Suk,  “Similar to other things we carry in our bags, a drone is becoming a lifestyle accessory. This special edition we are launching with Line Friends. will take this concept even further and make storytelling and sharing exciting, and a part of our everyday life.”

The good news is it will also cost you the same as the standard Spark, at $399.

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