You can now also download the beta version of PUBG Mobile for Android

There’s just one problem with the international version of PUBG Mobile for Android: the international version of the game is always months behind the Asian edition in terms of game updates. In fact, many players choose to play the Asian version just for that reason. Fortunately, Tencent and Blue Studio seem to have taken note of this fact and have just released a new beta channel that greatly shortens the time between one release and the other. Now we finally get the chance to try out the latest features without the language barrier standing in our way.

One important point to keep in mind is that PUBG Mobile Beta has a different package name, so when it comes to installing it, it won’t replace the stable version. Instead, both can coexist on the same device without any conflicts whatsoever. In fact, you can only enter the beta version as a guest, so your account won’t be active in both editions at the same time.

About a month ago, we got our hands on the version 0.6.0, which we discussed in detail in the blog. Now, if you choose to play the beta, you can already play version 0.7.0, which is still far from the 0.8.6 version of the Asian client, but will at least give players a slight heads up of what’s to come. In fact, these are some of the most important changes that come with the update.

  • A new variant in the arcade mode called “war”: a variant of the arcade mode introduced in the 0.6.0 update that’s even faster since it uses a smaller area, the circle closes in faster, and there are more weapons spread throughout the map.
  • A new SLR sniper rifle
  • Portable closet: you can now change your appearance in the middle of a game.

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