Video: Sonakshi Sinha Working Out With Katrina Kaif Says It Is Hazardous To Health

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Video: Sonakshi Sinha Working Out With Katrina Kaif Says It Is Hazardous To Health

We have heard a lot from many actors about what a crazy fitness freak Katrina Kaif is.  When it comes to fitness, it is needless to say that she just gives it all to it. She makes sure to hit the gym every single day without hitting miss. The long leg beauty has a great commitment towards her fitness regimen and has once again proved that now. Though almost all the actresses are hitting gym these days to be in shape, none could ever meet or match the grace of Kat when it comes to performing gym sessions.

Recently Katrina Kaif and Sonakshi Sinha were having a great time in gym and Sonakshi shared a video of the same.  The hot duo was burning calories in the gym and Sonakshi shared the same on her Instagram. The video, however, showed Katrina performing the abs work out flawlessly while Sonakshi was having a hard time performing the same.  

Sonakshi Sinha and Katrina Kaif bonded over a workout session and Sonakshi was seen screaming in pain for help. In the video she was seen saying,“Send help, send help now! Please! If anyone is seeing this, we need help!,” The video was recorded by a gym trainer in which the two actors are seen lying with their backs on a training mat, doing leg-raises with their arms tangled together. Sonakshi was screaming for help, Katrina couldn’t stop herself from laughing.

Sonakshi screams in pain while performing workout with Kat

Sonakshi shared the video and captioned it saying, “Statutory warning: working out with @katrinakaif and @rezaparkview is hazardous to health (or possibly quite the opposite),” The video is being loved by all the fans of the actresses.  They were totally in laughs and smiles after watching them working out together and especially seeing Sonakshi, who herself is a gym-regular screaming for help.

The post was overflowed with comments from the fans of both the actresses.   One fan wrote, “Too good.. Haha. Can’t stop laughing.. Can understand,” while another commented saying,“Fulfilling to watch two of my favorite girls working out together.”

The two girls along with Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Maniesh Paul, Guru Randhawa, Daisy Shah are in a tour.  They are currently in the US and were a part of Dabangg Tour. The actors who are a part of this tour were sharing pictures and keeping their fans updated.  

Published by Mamatha on 08 Jul 2018

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