Uday Chopra Recalls An Incident When He Found Farah Khan On His Bed And He Ran Away

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Uday Chopra Recalls An Incident When He Found Farah Khan On His Bed And He Ran Away

Uday Chopra is widely famous for his role in Dhoom series. His tweeter handle is always the talk of the town because of his weird tweets. Recently, his posts were really weird, it ranged from hiring someone to kill himself to calling God, Sky Daddy.

Recently, he posted something which made us chuckle for sure… don’t know about you though. He recounted an incident where he found a girl lying on his bed in his room, only to realise it was Farah Khan. He tweeted,”The first time I encountered @TheFarahKhan was at a Diwali party. I was sleepy and wanted to go to bed and when I went to my room she was sleeping there. I ran downstairs and said there’s a girl in my bed and everyone said ya that’s Farah. Love u farah even though u stole my bed!”

To which Farah replied, “Udayyyyy.. that was Meenakshi sheshadri i went to sleep in Adi’s room.. n i Lov u too.. ”

Uday soon tweeted back to her: “Ya it was Adi’s bed but Adi and I were in one room. We were kids didn’t have separate rooms back then.”

And Farah, playing the sport that she is, tweeted, “Ohhhhh then I don’t know who scared u more.. me or Meenakshi? Dont answer pls.”

This Twitter exchange between Uday and Farah continued for a while with a cameo by Abhishek Bachchan, who like a true friend went all, ‘Typical Uday’ on the whole conversation.

The conversation is really hilarious. Uday who is famous for his role in Dhoom series, will not be seen in its fourth instalment. The new cast is rumoured to be Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh.

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Published by Bhaumik Raja on 03 Jul 2018

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