Trump Continues to Hammer NATO Nations on Defense Spending

President Donald Trump is continuing to hammer NATO nations over their defense spending as he prepares for a second day of meetings in Brussels.

Trump will be meeting with the leaders of Azerbaijan, Romania, Ukraine and Georgia as he kicks off his second day at the NATO summit in Brussels. He will also attend a pair of meetings of the North Atlantic Council before he departs for the United Kingdom.

Trump’s first day of meetings with leaders of the military alliance was contentious, with Trump demanding nations spend far more on defense and accusing Germany of being “totally controlled” by Russia because of a pipeline project.

He began his day Thursday continuing to make his point on Twitter.

Trump also railed against a German pipeline deal with Russia, saying it’s “Not acceptable!”

And he weighed in on news from the Russia investigation that former FBI lawyer Lisa Page is resisting a subpoena.

Trump alleges, “So much corruption on the other side. Where is the Attorney General?”

Trump’s next stop will be London, where he’ll be meeting with Queen Elizabeth II and British Prime Minister Theresa May.

May’s government is in turmoil over how to exit the European Union following the Brexit vote.

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