The Story Of Punjab Becoming India’s Biggest Non-Film Music Industry Is Just Fabulous

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The Story Of Punjab Becoming India’s Biggest Non-Film Music Industry Is Just Fabulous

Prada, a recent track that is creating ripples in the Punjabi music scene these days has become quite a rage among the viewers. 42-year-old Auluck is the co-founder of Speed Records which is the largest music label in Punjab.

The rise and fall of vocalists, music recordings with sumptuous creation spending plans that store up a huge number of viewers on YouTube, new sensations conceived for all intents and purposes medium-term, the shade of medications, weapons, and brutality, and the excitement of taste-production — Punjab listens today to what India will hear tomorrow — would all be able to get overpowering.

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These are potent days in Punjab’s music industry and Mohali is the place the activity is. It’s a veritable music production line — about 20 songs are composed, made, recorded and released here daily, by some reckoning.

Punjab is a land of five rivers and it has the unlimited talented singer and music labels all vying for virility, stardom, and revenues. There are also almost 400 registered labels, with some 20 leading the pack. Prada is a slow-romantic number by rookie artiste Jass Manak, which was released in mid-June, and within a no time it became a rage with kids his son’s age, notes Auluck. At the time of writing, the track had crossed 79 million views on YouTube.

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Diljit Dosanjh singer and actor said, “Every time I’ve made a meaningful song, I have seen it doesn’t get the same push as say a ‘Panj Taara’. I don’t blame anyone for this, but this is the unfortunate truth. Some of my most meaningful songs also have the least number of views. Not once have I received a request to perform any of them onstage.”

The overwhelming rise of Punjabi music is a consequence of a few variables. The state has a long-standing custom of music and lives shows. The enormous Punjabi diaspora abroad now brought nearer by digital distribution, is a major market for online deals and live shows. Makers of Punjabi birthplace who experienced childhood in urban communities, for example, London or Toronto brought back a particular quality and creation sensibility to the state.

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Bollywood is highly influenced by Punjabi culture, now just can’t get enough of Punjabi songs.

However, Auluck recollects a more straightforward time, when things were not so frantic, but rather which in any case established the frameworks for the present achievement. He recalls the ’80s when Jalandhar was the center of Punjabi media, and artists who performed on DD Punjabi’s prime time indicate Lishkara, were announced whizzes the next day.

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“That is the place Gurdas Maanji sang his famous song ‘Mamla gadbad hai’ out of the blue,” he said.

Aditya Sisodia aka Badshah said, “Since the ’80s, Punjabi artistes in other countries have been tying the folk sounds of tumbi and dhol with international influences. Their access to great production studios resulted in legendary transformational sounds that we’ve seen through Sukhshinder Shinda, Panjabi MC, and Jazzy B.”

Published by Mamatha on 08 Jul 2018

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