The Funny Tale When Salman Khan Was Bro-Zoned By A Girl He Liked

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The Funny Tale When Salman Khan Was Bro-Zoned By A Girl He Liked

Salman Khan is the superstar of Bollywood and a heartthrob of millions. He dashing actor is not just favorite among the masses for his acting skills but also for his heroic personality which is drool-worthy.

Over the years, Salman has developed a huge fan-following by delivering back-to-back hit films in his career.

Salman was quite a hunk even before he entered the glamour world. He was the most happening guy in his school and there are many incidents where girls fell for this handsome Khan. However, even at the age of 52, the actor is the most eligible bachelor of India. Though, Salman dated a number of actresses and models, he always ended up being alone.

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We have come across one of the incidents which I bet you won’t believe and just go LOL.

During an episode of Dus Ka Dum, a question arose as to how many people still use letters as a mode of communication with their loved ones.

Salman was quick enough to make a candid confession which left everyone laughing.

The superstar shared his first experience of being in love back when he was still in school.

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A source revealed what Salman narrated, “During his school days in Gwalior, Salman and his friends had planned a trip to Dehradun. While roaming around and taking in the sights, the group drank multiple glasses of jaljeera paani, which was soon followed by a desperate hunt for a toilet.”

When Salman found a toilet, he saw a girl near the washroom and he instantly fell for her. But he must not have expected what happened next, because the girl soon bro-zoned him.

The source revealed further, “He returned to Gwalior soon after that, but they kept in touch by writing letters to each other. The correspondence lasted for almost a year. Salman revealed that he put an end to it when he realized that she had brotherly feelings towards him.”

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We can imagine how Salman must have felt after knowing that girl’s feeling towards him. Poor actor! However, gone are those days when girls used to look up to him as a brother figure. Now are the days, when there’s no single girl in this country who is not smitten by his charm and wishes to marry him.

So folks, what are your thoughts on this? Tell us in comments.

Published by Mamatha on 04 Jul 2018

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