The augmented reality game, The Walking Dead: Our World is now available

After many months as a soft launch, limited to certain countries, The Walking Dead: Our World is now available internationally and has been translated into multiple languages, including Spanish. It goes without saying that this is the umpteenth augmented reality game that follows the formula invented by Niantic Labs and the success of Pokémon GO. In this case, the interaction with the real world has a somewhat different premise: defeat the hordes of zombies, build shelters, secure infected zones, and collect resources to survive. 

How to play The Walking Dead: Our World

Anyone who’s ever played Pokémon GO already knows the drill. Using your smartphone’s geolocation system, you see a realistic interpretation of your surroundings where different elements can be found. If you see that there’s a group of zombies on a street near you, then you’ll have to go there physically in order to destroy them. Likewise, the boxes with supplies and your own or others’ shelters have to be within your radius of action in order to interact with them.

In terms of combat, the experience follows a sort of static shooting gallery where you have to shoot at the enemies by tapping on them on the screen. To prevent them from reaching you, you have to use the arsenal of weapons that you can unlock and improve as you go, in addition to having the help of other NPCs who will fight alongside you and are also considered collectible resources. And of course, among them, you’ll find familiar faces like Rick, Michonne, and Daryl in their TV form.

As you play, you’ll find isolated groups of zombies, ‘infestations’ with larger groups or survivors in danger that you have to rescue and take back to your shelter, among other ordinary tasks. Plus, there’s a social aspect to the game, allowing you to join guilds and participate in chat rooms to better complete weekly missions that would be hard to complete on your own. 

How to download The Walking Dead: Our World

The game no longer has any sort of geographic limitation, so it can be downloaded from Uptodown via APK. That said, if you want to back up your data, you’ll have to have a Google account to load your profile on other devices. The download of the game takes up 100MB, although once it’s installed, it will reach 230MB. Plus, it’s not necessary to use the device camera since the combats use static backgrounds by default. All you have to do is activate the geolocation system on your device when you open the app for the first time.

The Walking Dead: Our World on Uptodown [APK] | Download

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