Singapore tops the world in broadband speeds; Britain slumps to 31st position

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Singapore tops the world in broadband speeds; Britain slumps to 31st position

According to the twelve-monthly report released by and M-Lab, the UK has declined to the 31st position with 16.51Mbps in the global tables for broadband connectivity. On the other hand, Singapore topped the list with the fastest average (mean) download pace of 55.13Mbps.

Sweden stood on the second (40.16Mbps) position accompanied by Taiwan (34.40Mbps). The USA remained at 21st position with 20.00Mbps, and Canada stays on 26th with 18.03Mbps.

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The UK dawdled 20 of its European Union fellow citizens for regular broadband paces, underscoring the reality that there is much effort to be made if the UK is serious about altering itself into a provincial centre of superiority for connectivity.

Mr Mike Surrey, chief executive of Gigaclear stated, “This report demonstrates the consequences of the UK’s slow investment in its digital infrastructure. It’s disappointing to see the UK being slowly pushed further down the charts, not only by fellow European countries but also other less economically developed nations. Why? Because the UK has simply delayed the rollout of full fibre broadband for too long.”

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“To combat this decline, both the telecoms industry and the government need to prioritise full fibre as the basic standard across the nation in both rural and urban areas. It is clear that the outdated copper infrastructure is slowing us down. So, whilst the investment and roll out of full fibre is slowly increasing, more urgency is needed and a comprehensive national plan must be put into action.”

The report stated that a user in Singapore could download a complete HD film (7.5GB) in just 18 minutes and 34 seconds. On the other hand, a US resident will take 51’13” and a Brit needs more than 60 minutes.

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The outcomes support small nations with intense populations, including Singapore, and nations, which have set up the most fiber-optic broadband like Sweden and Latvia.

Others comprise fourth-positioned Denmark (33.54Mbps), sixth-positioned Latvia (30.36Mbps) and, in 13th position, Estonia (24.11Mbps).

The UK is not the only developed country to attain a bad score. Other examples comprise France (13.43Mbps), Italy (10.71Mbps) and Israel (7.2Mbps).

Published by Mamatha on 12 Jul 2018

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