Say Bye To Plastics: A Gujrati Boy Has Invented Edible Spoons In Different Flavours

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Say Bye To Plastics: A Gujrati Boy Has Invented Edible Spoons In Different Flavours

Plastics are harmful to the environment. Everyone knew this but no appropriate step was taken and people across the globe continued using plastics on a large scale on daily basis. But now, the government is taking a strict action and banning the use of plastics be it bags or disposable plates, spoons and various other items.

Now we get to see shops using wood products and paper bags instead of plastic.

Plastic cutlery is one of the most commonly used plastics that are casually discarded and usually ends up in landfills or worse, water bodies.

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People are now slowly getting used to using wooden or other alternatives in the place of plastic. However, a recent invention by a Gujarati boy is simply amazing. He has not only found a way to reduce our plastic burden through edible spoons but apparently, these can be relished in some amazing flavors.

Kruvil Patel, who is 24-years-old and is a Vadodara-based engineer. His interest in edible cutlery gave him the idea of Trishula, an entrepreneurial venture of his own.

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Kruvil told to a leading news portal, “While I was in college pursuing engineering, I heard about how edible cutlery is replacing single-use plastic products, which are a threat. I ordered a couple of edible spoons from Hyderabad. Upon receiving my order, I realised that they don’t resemble regular spoons, and the quality and taste was not appealing. That is when I hit upon the idea of making edible spoons that were good to taste.”

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Soon after completing his college, Kruvil discussed the idea with his family who was adamant that he should join their family business. They didn’t quite support his idea but Kruvil had decided to move on with his idea and he began preparing for it.

Giving one the opportunity to choose among eight unique flavours including beetroot, spinach, chocolate, masala, black pepper, mint, ajwain (carom seeds), and plain, Kruvil believes that this will help in catering the diversity of people with far-ranging taste preferences.

The edible spoons are baked on a very high temperature to absorb the moisture and they are blended in different flours, Indian natural spices, and flavours.

The best thing about these edible spoons is that they are made with natural ingredients and no preservatives are added. However, they have a very short shelf life of about six months. It also gives the users the opportunity of customizing the spoons as per the size, shape, and taste.

The cost of a single spoon ranges from Rs. 3 to Rs. 6, depending on quantity and flavor. While a plain-flavored spoon is priced at Rs. 3 per piece with an order quantity of over 5,000 pieces, a chocolate spoon is sold at Rs. 4.5 per piece.

Currently, these edible spoons are being marketed through Living Essentials which is a Mumbai-based distributor. However, you can also order these spoons directly by reaching out to Trishula via its Facebook page.

Trishula has become quite a hit and has found takers in not just India but also countries like Australia, Norway, Malaysia and South Africa, and has sold over 50,000 spoons. The venture will have its own website which will be more user-friendly and people will be able to easily access edible cutlery from across the globe.

Hats off to Kruvil for such an innovation!

Published by Mamatha on 02 Jul 2018

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