Sanjay Dutt Says He Couldn’t Forgive Himself After He Smoked In Mother Nargis’ Hospital Room

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Sanjay Dutt Says He Couldn’t Forgive Himself After He Smoked In Mother Nargis’ Hospital Room

Sanjay Dutt’s personal and professional life has been a controversial one. Until few days, it was media who used to make news on Sanjay Dutt and various things happening in and around him. But now, the actor’s personal life is now on the big screen which covered all the unknown aspects of his life leaving everyone shocked. Sanjay’s biopic Sanju is a proof that the actor had faced terrible times in his past, however, things are quite sorted now.

After Sanjay was out from jail after three years, the actor had opened about various things including his drug addiction and other things publicly.

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During his recent media interaction with a leading daily, spoke at length about his drug addiction during younger days, his mother Nargis’ demise and what he learnt from her.

If you have watched the movie Sanju, there’s a scene where Ranbir Kapoor who played Sanjay Dutt was seen smoking in the staircase of the hospital where his mother Nargis Dutt was admitted. She was in a critical condition but Sanju was badly addicted to smoking and couldn’t help himself out of his addiction.

During an interview, when Sanju Baba was asked about it, he said, “I couldn’t forgive myself for many years. It was a lesson learnt. I wanted the younger generation to know that that was what drugs could do to you. Your body demands smoking up.”

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Speaking about his mother Nargis he said, “Lot of pressure when my mother fell ill. My movie was on the verge of release, and she was in the coma. There was a lot of pressure. I was very young. I just couldn’t understand why I had to leave my mother and do the film.”

Further, when he was quizzed about the things he learnt from the legendary actress and his mother, Sanju Baba said, “The most important thing is to be a good human being. Everything else comes after that. I learnt that from both my father and mother. I’m passing on to my kids. I hope my wife doesn’t pamper my children the way my mother did me. My wife tells me if the kids don’t hate the parents when they are growing up, there is something wrong in their parenting. I am tough to my children when I want to be tough.”

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The Munna Bhai star further spoke about his drug addiction and said, “Drug addiction is a disease which cannot be cured. Today if I think I can smoke up a joint, I’m finished. The fear of relapse is in the first five-six months of quitting. I diverted my mind in the gym. I started feeling good with my body.”

Published by Mamatha on 14 Jul 2018

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