Salman Khan Hates When Kids Calls Him Uncle, Gives Them Ultimatum Of Not Meeting Again

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Salman Khan Hates When Kids Calls Him Uncle, Gives Them Ultimatum Of Not Meeting Again

Salman Khan is the current superstar of Bollywood who is ruling hearts by delivering one after the other blockbusters. The 52-year-old star enjoys a huge fan-following. From kids to adults Salman is everyone’s favorite.

Apart from being quite popular, Salman is one of the most eligible bachelors of India and fans are eagerly waiting for the actor to walk down the aisle with his ladylove soon.

Well, apart from that the actor romances actresses who are half of his age and so obviously he will be termed as Uncle. But seems, the Bajrangi Bhaijaan doesn’t like this title.

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During the recent shoot of an episode of Dus Ka Dum 3 which is hosted by Salman, one of the questions that popped up to a contestant was, “How many women scold someone for calling them ‘Aunty’?” That is when Salman revealed that he hates when someone calls him Uncle.

He further revealed that he has starined all the kids of his friends and asked them not to call him uncle. However, it must have been difficult for the kids to call someone their father’s age by name so they resorted to calling him ‘Uncle’ in a funny way that Salman had to find ways to overcome that.

As per the reports of a leading daily, a source from the show’s set said that Salman disclosed that during get-together with friends the superstar always warns their kids that if they call him ‘Uncle’ he will stop meeting them. Now, who would take a risk in calling Salman as Uncle who is so much popular among the kids!

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However, we wonder that what does Salman’s brothers Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan’s kids refer him as. After all, wouldn’t it be weird calling your father’s elder brother by name?

Reportedly, Varun Dhawan who starred in Salman Khan’s superhit film of 90s Judwaa’s said previously that Salman was upset when he had addressed him as ‘Uncle’ when he was a kid. The incident happened during the trial of Judwaa in 1997, when Varun was only seven years old.

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Varun had said, “I went for trial (Judwaa) and I called him Salman uncle and he got very upset. He told me, ‘I will slap you if you call me that. Call me Salman bhai. I don’t care if you are David Dhawan’s son. I won’t allow you inside the theatre if you call me ‘uncle’.”

So folks, the next time you meet Salman don’t call him uncle!

Published by Mamatha on 07 Jul 2018

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