Mayong, A Small Assamese Village Which Is Known For Its Black Magic

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Mayong, A Small Assamese Village Which Is Known For Its Black Magic

Magic for many of us is just playing some tricks or doing Abra-ka-dabra or some hacks which make people wonder how it is done. But a village named Mayong in Assam, 40 km away from Guwahati is a place known for its black magic.

Every aspect of Mayong is mystical and surreptitious including its origin name.

If legends are to be believed this village gets its name from the Sanskrit word Maya which means illusion.

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While a few towns go down, the aptitudes of cultivating or craftsmanship for the people to come, the senior citizens of Mayong go down sorcery and black magic to their children. Regardless, they utilize these supernatural forces for social welfare and cure ailments among themselves.

A walk through the town and a couple of discussions later you’ll be acquainted with the fables and the stories of men purportedly vanishing like a phantom in specific areas.

Also, who knows whether you get persuaded of the stories of individuals transforming into creatures and monsters that can be restrained just by black magic.

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Not just us, even the history testifies to the wrath of this place.

As per Alamgir Nama, a chronicle of the first 10 years of Emperor Aurangzeb’s reign, Mughal armies feared not the armies of Assam, but the power of black magic that was contained in Mayong.

Reportedly, this Assamese village has all the solutions to your problems.

Have you lost something? A tantric will do some black magic by putting a flower in a metal bowl, which will start moving on its own and directly land to the place where the stolen item is kept.

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Are you suffering a back pain? Don’t worry, here’s a solution. A copper dish can provide you relief. Moreover, it can also find out whether you are really suffering from pain or not?

You just chant the ‘Uran Mantra’ and you will land on that place in just a few minutes wherever you wish to go.

All these tricks are not just scary but some of them are so gross and brutal which will send chills down your spine. But they are surely a way of life for the people of Mayong.

As per Times Of India, the place boasts of legends like those of Chura Bez who could disappear into thin air just by muttering the ‘Luki Mantra’ and sedate an angry tiger with his ‘Baagh Bandha Mantra’.

The legend’s granddaughter named Nareswari Devi, stated, “I was a young girl then, but my grandfather’s stupendous feats are fresh in my mind’s eye. Now you see him, now you don’t – we would rub our eyes in disbelief as he suddenly became invisible.”

A 70-year-old magic practitioner named Hemendra Nath still believes in the power and need of magic. He stated, “People these days dismiss magic as superstition. Nowadays when people fall ill, they prefer to go to the doctor, instead of coming to us. But there are still people who come to us with their troubles—be it domestic, professional, or any disease.”

Published by Mamatha on 13 Jul 2018

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