Manisha Koirala Wore Two-Piece First Time On-Screen Says ‘The Actor In Me Takes Over’

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Manisha Koirala Wore Two-Piece First Time On-Screen Says ‘The Actor In Me Takes Over’

Manisha Koirala is having an enlightening time in her late 40s in the second phase of her movie life in Bollywood.  She says that the pressure to look good in all her films doesn’t bother her anymore and performance alone is what matters her the most.  She says that she gets more work of her liking at this age and feels liberated more than ever.

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Talking about her recent release Sanju and Netflix series Lust Stories, she said, “I think I am more liberated as an artist in my late 40s. I was having a conversation with Shabana Azmiji where she was saying, ‘As an actress and as a woman, we always want to look good. How did you become so carefree?’ I think the greedy actor in me takes over at times.

She further added that“Basically, my priority is the character first. I have done my share of looking glamorous on-screen in many films.” After a long time, Manisha played a key role Sanjay Dutt’s biopic Sanju as Nargis Dutt.  She received a lot of praise for her performance in the flick.

Talking about her role in Sanju she said,“I was quite nervous about how people will receive me in the film where I am playing the role of such an icon as Nargis Dutt. I was more worried because I knew how great the rest of the actors were in the film. They were brilliant and the worry was whether people would notice my performance among those great performances.

Manisha says the actor in her took over

She further said that she treats every film as her first film. “It is never ‘just another film’ for me. It is a new opportunity to act, tell a story.” In the upcoming Netflix’s web series Lust Stories, Manisha plays a complex woman in a relationship with her on-screen husband’s best friend.

Talking about the series she said, it was the first time she has worn a swimsuit for a film.  She said that she first opposed the idea of wearing a swim suit on screen, but director Dibakar Banejee convinced her to do it.

When asked if she judged the character of Reena for having an affair with her husband’s friend in the series, she said she was in a dilemma andlater after having a conversation with her co-star she got settled down.  He said, ” We, as actors, should be non-judgmental about the characters we play on-screen, otherwise we are limiting ourselves.”

Published by Mamatha on 08 Jul 2018

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