Lol-Worthy Tweets About Bollywood Proves Our Real Lives Are No Less Than Films

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Lol-Worthy Tweets About Bollywood Proves Our Real Lives Are No Less Than Films

Our lives are highly influenced by our favourite stars and their films. We try to imitate them or dress up like them, talk like them and also want to live a life they are living. In short, Bollywood has highly influenced our real lives to a great extent.

No matter where we go, we’re either singing a Hindi song, thinking about our favourite film or following them on the social media.

These people who are die-hard Bollywood fanatics and Twitter comics rolled into one and routinely come up with hilariously funny everyday situations in full-on Hindi film style. They are worth reading.

Boy after proposing the girl and hearing her answer be like…Na na na na….

This one must be definitely approved by the only and only Shah Rukh Khan. After all, it all makes sense.

This one’s quite lame but still will make you laugh. Anil Kapoor’s the first one to use 4g, know how? Here’s the answer.

Well, not all have a friend like Rahul who thinks this. Hard luck girls!

Even a person who is about to die was shooted with such a lame joke which made him die in seconds.

For God Sake, someone please stop Kareena to take God’s name and move ahead with her problem.

Seems Queen (Kangana’s Film) effect has reached to the Londoners who are cracking such a joke and Spiderman is like what the hell is going on!

This one’s a bit dirty but definitely makes sense. If the sisters-in-law of the bride are without duppatta then what are they wearing. That makes a point.

When life is about to end, nothing makes sense as one is trying to stop himself/herself of dying. Why to crack such shitty jokes!

Come on now, no jokes with Coffee because all the coffee lovers will die after reading this one. Guys, get a life with some good coffee not these types of jokes.

Sorry folks, I am too weak in Mathematics. And this one’s lamest of all!

Friends, I know how you are feeling after reading these memes!

Do you have any? If yes, then do share it with us in the comments section.

Published by Mamatha on 13 Jul 2018

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